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Automation Trends in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Not so long ago, the food and beverage manufacturing industry was among the slowest industry verticals to adopt new production technologies. But now, with the industry growing as aggressively as ever and faced with rising demand, the industry is increasingly relying on automation to keep the shelves stocked. Along with this increasing reliance, the industry has seen certain trends emerge: as to how food and beverage manufacturing is choosing to implement automation in their facilities, what’s driving those trends, and the challenges they face in augmenting the applications of automation in food production. What Are the Major Trends in Food & Beverage Automation? The most notable automation trends among food and beverage producers are: Digital transformation — This transformation must be planned from the top down, making sure to account for all moving parts and taking into consideration not only the transformation itself, but the operational team that will be responsible for daily monitoring and interpretation of data used to optimize the facility. Robotics — A robotic system can run as an island of automation, however its real power is delivered when it is integrated into your overall efficiency process. The robot cell design, end of arm tooling development, robot selection and integration of the design into the rest of your production or packaging line is what unlocks the powerful features of robotics. Artificial intelligence (AI) — This technology tends to play well when implemented in applications where a specific volume of product is meant to fill a container, like 16 oz. of ice cream to fill a pint. AI can help ensure the correct and exact volume is distributed into each pint, each time. It also provides the information necessary to diagnose inefficiencies in machinery that may be impacting production and help plant managers remain proactive around planned downtime, routine maintenance or … Continued

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Podcast: The changing role of control system integrators in the automation industry

E Tech Group’s Business Director for Material Handling, Kurt Wakeman participated in a roundtable discussion on the future of automation industry with two other industry professionals for the Plant Services, The Tool Belt Podcast. The podcast and article were originally published by Plant Services. Click here to listen or read the transcript of the full episode. In this episode of The Tool Belt, three system integrator professionals share their perspectives on where the automation industry is heading. The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) is a global trade association with over 500 member companies in 35 countries that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration. Control system integrators use their engineering, technical and business skills to help manufacturers and others automate their industrial equipment and systems. For this year’s System Integrator Roundtable episode, Plant Services editor in chief Thomas Wilk spoke with three veteran system integrator professionals about how the industry is changing and which new technologies are poised to make a big impact. Kurt Wakeman is the business director for Material Handling group at E Tech Group. Bob Pusateri is director of business development at Electronic Drives and Controls. Sam Hoff is President and CEO of Patti Engineering. PS: Kurt, let me pose that question to you. Do you see a big change in the kind of work that your team will be doing in 2023 or beyond, versus the last couple of years? Or do you see the same kind of workload increasing? KW: Yeah, I do think 2023 looks a little different based on some of the economic challenges we’ve been facing. Customers tend to be investing a little bit more in existing equipment as opposed to buying new systems. They’re a little bit tighter with their money and they’re investments, so we’ve seen a big uptick in demand for recontrols, … Continued

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E Tech Group Celebrates our 30th Anniversary!

E Tech Group celebrates its 30th Anniversary at the end of April.  Steve Veldhuis and Doug Fagaly founded Control Concepts and Design in April of 1993, changing the name to E Technologies in 2001, and in January 2022, officially became E Tech Group. The company began with thirty associates near Cincinnati, Ohio and now has over 500 team members in 18 locations throughout North America.  “We are proud of the impact E Tech Group has made, both in advancing automation in manufacturing and in supporting the missions of our clients,” said Matt Wise, E Tech Group CEO.  “Automation capabilities and technology have advanced to levels we thought impossible 30 years ago: the advent of mixed reality, augmented reality, digital twin, simulation, and emulation, AI becoming more adaptable, and the integration of data analysis and business intelligence. It is an exciting time at E Tech Group for the speed we will grow and the impact we will make as we act on our purpose to free people to achieve the full potential of human creativity and innovation.” Over the last three decades E Tech Group has grown through the mergers and acquisitions of Superior Controls, Banks Integration, Glenmount Global, Tegron, Fluid IQs National, Crown ESA and most recently in February 2023, E-Volve Systems. 

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