Safety is paramount in chemical manufacturing, and profitability depends on process flows that are tightly monitored and controlled. Our experience in these fields means that a partnership with E Tech Group is a potent mix. 




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Whether your chemical manufacturing approach is batched or continuous, E Tech Group will increase your plant’s revenue and efficiency through automation and control systems.  

Our experienced engineers will implement systems that streamline, then improve, your material handling, building management, and safety. As a chemical manufacturer, you know how costly a contamination incident can be. Reliable automation and controls will help you prevent these incidents and boost the quality of your products.  

As manufacturing surges forward, our engineers are committed to the Industry 4.0 standard of operations. We adhere to the Purdue Model, designing and retrofitting systems to support contemporary data visualization, information management, industrial IT, and more.  

Expertise matters when manufacturing and handling chemicals, especially when it comes to batch regulations like ISA88. E Tech Group hires chemical engineers, among other specialties, and trains these experts as automation engineers. This comprehensive knowledge of industrial processes sets us apart from other engineering partners.  

How We Improve Chemical Manufacturing Processes

E Tech Group applies our automation and controls experience to support batch and processing functions. We design new systems and retrofit existing technology according to stringent industry standards.  

Our capabilities include: 

  • ISA88 Standards 
  • Network Infrastructure & Integration 

An efficient chemicals manufacturing process requires best-in-class technology. Committed to the Industry 4.0 trajectory, E Tech Group offers the following services and more:  

  • Cybersecurity & IT Infrastructure 
  • SCADA Systems 
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 
  • Process Cooling & Heating 
  • Power Monitoring Systems 

Incident prevention is key when handling dangerous chemicals. Our engineers will automate your safety systems, so you can focus on everyday operations. Our chemical safety services include: 

  • Intrinsic Safety (IS) Design 
  • Data Sheets 
  • Real-Time Safety Monitoring 
  • Collision Avoidance 
  • RFID Systems

IT/OT Risk Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

Industries We Serve

Life Sciences

Both biotech and pharmaceutical industrial clients are served by E Tech Group’s Life Sciences teams. Do you need to scale up alternative protein production to meet demand, or require validated processes for high-tech medical equipment? Look no further.


Mission Critical

We provide reliable automation, control, and monitoring solutions for data centers, power, and water applications. From upgrades to complex retrofits of live operating assets, to hyper-scale greenfield projects, our proven “Zero-Defect” methodology mitigates and manages risk ensuring delivery of successful projects on time and on budget. 


Food & Beverage

Successful food and beverage manufacturing depends on safe and streamlined processes. Whether you’re developing a new processing plant or retrofitting outdated controls, regulatory compliance and efficiency are key. E Tech Group designs and implements automation and controls for large-scale food and beverage manufacturers.