CSIA Certified System Integrators: The Future of Automation

Industrial automation is a wide-ranging and ever-evolving field. Change is endemic when it comes to automation technology, just as change is endemic to the industrial sector. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, data centers, wastewater or cultivated meat, the robotic processes and their control systems must meet or exceed compliance standards, which are also a moving target.

The dynamic nature of automated plants makes finding the right control system integrator vital to growth-oriented companies. The right integrator can ensure your endeavors are supported by a comprehensive automation system that provides security, consistency and scalability.

In the automation industry, CSIA-certified automation companies stand out amongst the crowd, making them the best choice of system integrators for companies focused on the future of their industry. E Tech Group is one of those certified automation firms. What exactly does that mean? Let’s discuss:

What Does CSIA Certification Entail?

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) is a non-profit organization that sets standards for the automation industry. Dedicated to the advancement of the automation industry, CSIA supports its members in improving their skills and standards, as well as provides a global forum for sharing industry expertise. Their vision is to provide low-risk, safe, and successful automated systems across all industries.

Founded in 1994, the CSIA now has 500 members in 35 countries. To become a member of the CSIA, a control system integrator must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant is engaged in control system integration primarily for design, programming, and commissioning.
  • Applicant must provide integration services primarily with its own personnel.
  • Applicant may be asked to provide financial data to the CSIA CEO and be interviewed by phone by CSIA members to verify that the applicant meets membership eligibility requirements.
  • Applicant agrees to comply with CSIA bylaws, rules and regulations.

Source: Official CSIA website

But being a member is just the first step. The CSIA recommends that within 3 years of becoming a member, companies should achieve their integrator certification, which entails a comprehensive audit of all aspects of an automation company’s operations – from general management to HR, system development, quality management, and more.

For the system integrator to achieve CSIA certification, they must meet or surpass all the CSIA’s best practices at yearly audits. E Tech Group has been a certified member of the CSIA since 2000, leading the industry in our commitment to supporting manufacturer growth with robust, adaptable and scalable automation systems.

What Benefits Does Contracting a CSIA-Certified Integrator Offer?

CSIA-certified automation companies are growth-oriented, which means their eye is always on the future: the future of automation tech, the future of industrial manufacturing, and the future of their clients. Achieving and retaining certified status means a system integrator is invested in the quality of their services, systems and products.

CSIA integrators must be proficient in:

  • End-to-end project management
  • Effective risk assessment and mitigation
  • Awareness and ability to comply with industry and company standards/regulations
  • Knowledge and experience in implementing the latest automation technology

What advantages does this offer a company looking to install or upgrade control systems? Namely:

  • CSIA certification is a mark of quality: Choosing to become a certified integrator means the company is committed to providing the best in control system design and implementation.
  • Certified integrators are committed to improvement: Achieving and retaining a CSIA certification requires the integrator to continuously grow their skill set by adhering to or exceeding best practices and keeping up on the latest in automation technology.
  • CSIA certifications mean the company has a network: The CSIA is comprised of a cooperative network of automation integrators and vendors. A certified integrator has access to and partnerships with other top-tier companies with automation expertise.

These characteristics of a certified system integrator mean a client can expect peace of mind, knowing their project will be done by the best in the business with the latest technology and a wealth of experience behind each of their projects. On a tangible level, cutting-edge automation systems offer returns in:

  • Increased security
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased quality consistency
  • Sustained scalability
  • Decreased risk
  • Decreased defects
  • Decreased incidents
  • Decreased downtime

E Tech Group’s Capabilities as a Certified System Integrator

E Tech Group is a CSIA-certified control system integrator providing the best in automation design and end-to-end project coverage to clients across industries. Some of the industries we serve include:

And E Tech Group has many capabilities to offer these industries in their automated processes. Hundreds of E Tech Group automation engineers provide clients across North America with a comprehensive understanding of:

Work With E Tech Group, a CSIA-Certified Integrator, for Your Automation Needs

E Tech Group is a certified control system integrator offering industrial clients the best in automation design. Clients can expect robust, cutting-edge control systems that lower risks, increase safety, optimize production specs, and exceed compliance benchmarks.

As a certified control system integrator, we also partner with the top vendors in automation software, including Rockwell Automation, Emerson, Siemens, Ignition, and more. A collaborative and creative approach to each project, coupled with diverse expertise in implementing custom automation systems, ensures every client is set up for future success with a scalable, turnkey control system.