Main Automation Partner

E Tech Group focuses on the creation of quality engineering and information technology solutions that help our clients meet both current and long-term business objectives.  

A Main Automation Partner with CSIA Certification & Partnership with Top Automation Vendors

In any company’s journey, long-term relationships are key to long-term success. Whether vendors, employees, contractors, or investors, having a trusted resource along unquestionably makes the road to success a much smoother ride. One of these important relationships key to long-term viability is a Main Automation Partner to manage the technological aspects of your operations.

What is a Main Automation Partner?

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A Main Automation Partner (MAP) acts as a SHERPA for your automation and control needs as well as a guide to Industry 4.0 and beyond. A MAP helps you to stay on top of potential pain points, allowing you to make more strategic and less reactive decisions and takes the time to look at your business more holistically, considering your long-term goals.

Because many owner-operators no longer have in-house departments managing automation and control projects, having a trusted automation contractor has become more important than ever for businesses looking to stay competitive in rapidly-changing market environments. The ideal solution is a Main Automation Partner (MAP), who essentially offers all the advantages of an in-house team without the extra expenses, space or logistical restraints associated with having your own automation team.

Why Use a Main Automation Partner? 

Partnering with a MAP provides your team access to proven methodologies and expertise, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership and Reduced Project Risk. As well, a Main Automation Partner can offer a diverse array of perspectives and expertise that can’t be replicated with in-house teams or one-off contracts. MAPs focus on teamwork and cooperation, which results in a contracting relationship that operates like a true partnership.

E Tech Group as Your Main Automation Partner   

E Tech Group is a North American provider of automation software, systems integration, and engineering design services with approximately 600+ employees, including 450+ mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.

We understand the importance of having an automation partner that takes the time to understand your company so we can create automation solutions tailored to your needs. E Tech Group is committed to:

  • Investing the time to fully understand our clients’ immediate and long-term business objectives.
  • Creating robust control systems customized to client needs, parameters and potential.
  • Implementing scalable, flexible automation solutions to achieve immediate results while considering future growth.
  • Designing full-scope automation solutions ranging from control system upgrades and ongoing maintenance support to full-service turnkey project delivery, from solution architecture and design through development and commissioning.
engineers applying enterprise software solutions

E Tech Group isn’t your everyday automation company. A leader in industrial control system services, we offer clients a unique, advanced, unbeatable approach to long-term viability:

  • Shop floor to top floor process automation solution provider
  • Deep automation and industry domain expertise
  • Proven track record of success
  • Hardware and software agnostic approach
  • Local support with national scale and reach
  • A partnership approach with ongoing support upon completion

Other Capabilities We Offer

IT/OT Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment and Analysis is an inventory of a facility’s control systems and IT infrastructure. It identifies weak points in the controls system(s), viability of existing equipment, hardware and software, and sources of security risk.


Robotic Automation

Robotic automation can help repurpose critical labor while implementing processes that optimize production efficiency and profitability. E Tech Group stays at the front lines of automation technology for autonomous and collaborative robotics.


Panel Design & Custom Fabrication

With two UL508A panel shops in the United States, E Tech Group provides best-in-class panel design, testing, and installation. You can expect fully vetted panel solutions that are ready to use.