DeltaV Control Systems: Wireless Solutions with Self-Healing Networks

In continuous manufacturing, whether metals, pharmaceuticals, material handling, or otherwise, distributed control systems are the go-to. DCSs handle complicated, multi-component automated processes via an intricate communication network that allows the user to monitor plant-wide activity in real time.

Among the most effective and comprehensive DSCs is Emerson’s DeltaV line of control system software. It offers manufacturers the possibility of wireless plant-wide automation. Predictive model control, neural network control and cyber-secure architecture are just a few of the features of this cutting-edge software. Implementing DeltaV automation technology can maximize your production potential while enhancing safety and reliability.

The Specs on Emerson’s DeltaV Product Line

DeltaV wireless plant network solutions require less investment of time, cost and resources than a wired system, and can be tailored to the exact needs of the client. Some features of DeltaV’s robust design include:

  • Scalability: Implementing a wireless control system doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing effort. DeltaV applications can be added in stages elegantly without need for recontrol.
  • Reliability: DeltaV DSCs are designed with redundant encryption and authorization measures built into mesh networks that ensure end-to-end security. This includes plant-wide via firewall protection, security testing, regular updates, and regulation-compliant software.
  • Intuitive Networks: DeltaV networks self-organize and self-heal. Intelligent mesh design chooses the most efficient route to the wired network while mitigating interference. It can also pivot to a new path when interference does occur.
  • User-Friendly Controls: DeltaV’s salient interface is easy-to-use, as it simplifies configuration, maintenance and operations.
  • Advanced, Flexible Capabilities: This software is highly-versatile, allowing adaptable customization for specific manufacturing needs. Advanced control capabilities include fuzzy logic control, neural network control and predictive model control.
  • Cross-System Compatible: DeltaV DSCs can be integrated with other control systems such as MES and plant historians, which allows automation system integrators to design elegant, comprehensive plant-wide control solutions.

E Tech Group: Strategic, Comprehensive Factory Automation

Emerson is just one of the top-tier brands in E Tech Group’s extensive portfolio of control system expertise. Our automation engineers work with industrial manufacturing, data center and mission critical clients across North America, designing and implementing strategically-integrated control systems with the best automation products available.

We are a CSIA-certified integrator offering industry best practices in automation fields such as quality development, information systems management, cyber security, system development lifecycle, and more. With a focus on adding value that future-proofs your automated processes, E Tech Group constructs secure, user-friendly, integrated automation solutions across industries.