Control Panel Design & Custom Fabrication

The design of your facility’s control panels can make or break your operation. Our engineers offer custom fabrication, installation and testing of NEMA-compliant UL508A control panels.

High-Quality Control Panel Design, Fabrication & Controls Implementation

A reliable control panel will keep your operation running smoothly, so it’s important to invest in top-of-the-line panel design. E Tech Group’s team of engineers offer custom fabrication for our industry-leading clients. With two UL508A panel fabrication facilities in the United States, we provide hands-on design, testing, installation, and commissioning. 

Crucial aspects of the drafting process for custom control panels include:

  1. Understanding the specific needs of the facility, including desired functionality, equipment integration, HMI requirements, and environmental factors
  2. Choosing the right automation hardware, like PLCs, HMIs, relays, switches, and indicators based on reliability and safety standards
  3. Designing the layout of the control panel for intuitiveness, accessibility and operator ease, including placement of buttons, displays and indicators, considering safety and ease of use
  4. Creating detailed drawings that represent the electrical connections between all components within the integrated control system panel and how they interact with the larger automation system
  5. Ensuring the design adheres to relevant safety standards and industry regulations like UL and NEMA

E Tech Group’s automation integrators understand the importance of client collaboration in designing the ideal control panel, and are adept at providing clients with strategic design options that will optimize your operations.

The Fabrication Phase: Factors in Custom Control Panel Production

Control panels are intricate and complex. Spatial restrictions, accessibility, environmental factors, and industry regulations make a detailed approach vital. The fabrication process includes many moving parts, including:

  • Panel Selection: Choosing the appropriate enclosure material (metal, plastic) and size based on environmental conditions, component requirements and durability needs.
  • Component Mounting and Wiring: Assembling the components based on the layout and wiring diagrams, ensuring proper connections and adherence to safety best practices.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Thoroughly testing the panel’s functionality, including HMI functionality, interconnectivity and overall system performance. This ensures everything works as designed and meets safety standards.
  • Documentation: Creating comprehensive documentation, including schematics, wiring diagrams, user manuals, and maintenance instructions, for future reference and troubleshooting.

Then there are additional factors to take into account:

  • Depending on the complexity, custom control panels may require developing software for the HMI or PLC to perform specific control functions.
  • Proper ventilation and heat dissipation are crucial to ensure reliable operation of electronic components within the panel.
  • The panel needs to seamlessly integrate with existing automation systems and infrastructure within the facility.

Custom-Fabricated UL508A Control Panels Compliant with NEMA Standards

As a trusted technological partner, we’ve delivered tens of thousands of UL508A panels. Our automation engineers ensure that our products comply with strict industry standards, such as NEMA ratings. We also deliver modular control and electrical system houses for even the most complex applications.  

Well-designed, expertly-crafted control panels offer industrial entities several important advantages in any given sector:

  • Increased efficiency/productivity: Optimized control leads to smoother operation, faster processes, improved quality, and higher output.
  • Improved safety: Intuitive layout and proper component selection can enhance operator safety and prevent workplace accidents.
  • Reduced downtime: Proactive monitoring and control facilitate preventive maintenance, minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Custom control panels can adapt to future growth and accommodate additional equipment integration.

Whether we’re testing an existing system or building a custom control system, we put quality and safety at the center of our work. By the time our Packaged Control Rooms (PCRs) and Motor Control Centers (MCCs) arrive at your facility, you can trust that they’re fully tested and operational. Simply place on your site, tie in your field terminations, and you’re operational. 

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech Group, we understand your robotic automation needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration, and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

Why Us for Custom Panel Design & Fabrication?

E Tech Group’s talented engineers support clients throughout the entire process: from custom panel design to control system standup and validation.

  • Fabrication and design
  • Testing and installation
  • NEMA 12, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X ratings
  • Modular control and electrical system houses

Our position as an industrial automation company that specializes in client-centered approaches to automation integration has provided us with expertise in:

  • Main control panels 
  • I/O and remote I/O cabinets 
  • Drive systems up to 10,000 HP 
  • Workstations and pulpits 
  • Control room cabinets 

Other Capabilities We Offer

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