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Robotic Automation

Robotic automation can help repurpose critical labor while implementing processes that optimize production efficiency and profitability. E Tech Group stays at the front lines of automation technology for autonomous and collaborative robotics.

Responding to Labor Shortages with Robotics Automation & Controls

With today’s unprecedented demand for labor resources, everyone is struggling to find people to fill key roles. E Tech Group is working to help producers overcome these limitations by automating where we can in order to shift valuable human resources to roles where people are truly required.

Utilizing the latest in 4D vision technology and robotics, E Tech Group successfully implements the most recent innovations in adaptive robot vision systems that are a positive, disruptive technology to the industry, sometimes doing what was once thought impossible. 

Recreating the Adaptability of Humans with Responsive Robotics Technology

Allowing robots to become more responsive to unpredictable events, poorly-lit environments, or for tasks where human-like vision is required mimics human capabilities while eliminating human error in tasks like counting and identifying surface defects. Robotics automation that is responsive, scalable and well-integrated keeps E Tech Group’s clients at the forefront of their manufacturing industry.

These systems have been proven to actively adapt to complete a myriad of tasks where attention to detail is of the utmost importance and human labor is traditionally required. The implementation of these systems will allow skilled labor to transition into critical roles, increasing uptime, throughput, and profitability without the fear of injury, human error, or increased downtime.

E Tech Group can provide the right solution for you and your business. Whether you need turnkey robotic automation services or just the last component to get you up and running. 

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech, we understand your robotic automation needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration, and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

How we Customize Your Robotic Automation Solutions   

Industrial and Collaborative Robots

Our capabilities in robotic automation and integration cover industrial and collaborative robots that perform a wide array of tasks:

  • Pick and place
  • Bin picking
  • Case erection
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing / depalletizing
  • Specialized and custom applications
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Integrated vision solutions
  • Integrated material handling
  • Unique safety solutions for robot cells
  • Complete robotic cells
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicle/Cart (AGV/AGC)
  • Autonomous robotic solutions

Other Capabilities We Offer

Motion Control

Quality automated systems support responsive shutoff, sensitive controls, and precise mechanisms. Our motion control systems help you maintain an accurate production line, so you can better serve your customers. 


Building Automation

The functionality of your facility goes beyond the production floor. Our turnkey building automation systems promote energy efficiency, establish safe working environments, and improve security.  


Process Automation

Boost the reliability of your manufacturing processes through automated material handling. E Tech Group’s process automation solutions reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality.