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Production errors and downtime are costly for metals manufacturers. From steel to iron to aluminum, E Tech Group’s automation engineers mitigate, diagnose and solve these problems so you can keep a competitive edge and protect your bottom line. 


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Reduce Defects & Boost Revenue with Automation Solutions for Metals Manufacturing

In the metals manufacturing industry, every step of the production line impacts your bottom line. Outdated systems and unexpected downtime are costly, and your team may lack the knowledge to diagnose these issues. That’s where we come in.  

The industry-leading engineers at E Tech Group implement integrated automation and control solutions that boost profits. We’ve served the metals industry for over 30 years and understand the challenges that steel, aluminum, and iron producers face.

The Benefits of State-of-the-Art Control Systems for Metals Fabrication

There are a host of benefits metals manufacturers reap from implementing custom process control solutions are numerous:

  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced defects and downtime
  • Elimination of operational error
  • Improved safety for workers on the floor
  • Improved product quality
  • Enhanced precision
  • Enhanced reliability/repeatability

End-to-end coverage of your automated processes can lead to better product quality and increased revenue, and protects your reputation as a fabricator.

E Tech Group: An Integration Partner for Shop Floor-to-Top Floor Automation Services

Implementing the ideal industrial automation solution requires open, thorough communication from project inception. E Tech Group’s project management style involves all levels of the company – from stakeholders to equipment operators to HR – to design automation systems that meet everyone’s needs and goals.

Ensuring all parties are involved, and keeping everyone on the same page from start to finish, allows us to provide metals manufacturers with innovative, customized control systems. In tandem with our partnerships with the global leaders in automation technology, E Tech Group designs, implements and supports advanced control systems that benefit you in the present and well into your future.

Whether you’re experiencing system inefficiencies or costly equipment maintenance, we customize our solutions to keep your facility productive and profitable. We have 14 offices nationwide, including two UL508A system assembly and fabrication facilities. Our engineers are on the ground delivering turnkey automation capabilities and providing ongoing support for our valuable metals clients.

How We Deliver Value

E Tech Group sets our metals clients up for success with automation hardware and software tailored to your facilities needs and goals, including:

  • PLC / PACs
  • Drive systems 
  • Continuous HDGL coordinated drive controls 
  • Motion control 
  • PLC control systems 
  • BOF / BOP / QBOP process control solutions 
  • Arc regulation control 
  • EAF drive and process control solutions 
  • HMI systems  
  • Industrial networking 
  • Level 2 systems and advanced software  

  • Blast furnaces 
  • Gas fired melting furnaces 
  • RH/OB degasser 
  • Steel shops 
  • Continuous casters 
  • Hot strip metals 
  • Hold strip metals 
  • Cold mills 
  • Batch and continuous annealing 
  • Electrolytic tinning 
  • Hot dip galvanizing 
  • Mixed pickling 
  • Tempering 
  • Cut to length 
  • Coil handling  
  • Continuous ETL 

Automation Services Backed by Experience

E Tech Group has been supporting metals manufacturing for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve implemented over 100 drives and controls solutions for metals manufacturers, staying at the forefront of technological advances along the way.

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