Financial Savings for Leading Steel Industry Customer

Improvements to this steel industry customer’s cold mill yielded measurable financial savings.


E Tech Group was hired for a large project by a leading steel company to increase throughput and safety on the customer’s six stand cold mill line. Additional project goals were to reduce head and tail off gage, reduce inner stand strip breaks, reduce electrical downtime, and improve safety.


E Tech conducted a mill drafting study to determine HP and speed limitations, reviewed the mill model, and set up proper procedures. E Tech conducted an equipment audit to determine the failure rate and root causes, and then began implementing the audit’s recommendations. E Tech implemented monitoring and tuning of the inner stand tension, MG set stand one custom 12 pulse drive to fit on existing gen base, screw down clutchless control, and regulated the voltage to the speed reg. Additionally, a safety study was performed and the recommendations implemented, and installation, startup and commissioning were performed.


This successful project reduced head and tail off gage, reduced strip breaks, WR and BU roll wraps by 50%, improved strip shape, increased annual tonnage, and reduced electrical downtime by 50%, resulting in a quick ROI for the customer.