Building Automation

Quality manufacturing processes require safe and reliable buildings. The right automation design and technology ensures both. E Tech Group’s engineers design redundant Building Automation Systems (BAS) to keep your facility profitable, productive and secure.

Effective, Efficient Building Automation Solutions Across Industries

True building automation goes beyond switching the lights on. You want a fully-automated system that improves overall efficiency, conserves resources, and promotes a safe work environment. E Tech Group’s building automation services leverage the latest BAS technology so your facility can run more effectively.

Your facility is full of moving parts, people and processes that all require coordination to optimize the throughput and quality of your products. Partially-automated facilities, or ones comprised of piecemeal systems, often have blind spots that put your company’s reputation and bottom line at risk. Implementing a facility-wide control system offers manufacturers several advantages:

  • Better quality
  • Less defects/downtime
  • Increased security
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Improved traceability

E Tech Group: Turnkey Building Automation & Control System Upgrades

Our engineers know that the quality of your automated systems informs the quality of your products. Staying competitive in today’s market means constantly improving production capacity and quality, but it also means adapting to change, scaling, and keeping ahead of the automation curve. Integrating your building’s automated processes is key to accomplishing this.

E Tech Group, a CSIA-certified control system integrator serving clients from California to South Carolina, is the partner to help keep you at the top of the pack, no matter the competition. With a Zero Defect approach to our projects, we design, engineer and integrate every BAS program according to your needs. Whether you’re in need of turnkey implementation or an automation upgrade, E Tech Group’s team of experts are available to support your next initiative.  

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech Group, we understand your robotic automation needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration, and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

How We Customize Our Building Automation Solutions

E Tech Group offers turnkey facility automation for a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Mission Critical – including data centers, power plants, wastewater facilities
  • Industrial Manufacturing – including OEM, metals, marine, automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Food & Beverage – including cultivated meats and alternative proteins
  • Life Sciences
  • Material Handling
data center

Our engineers integrate multifaceted control systems to create a comprehensive BAS via:

  • Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS)
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Design
  • Panel design/fabrication
  • Turnkey implementation 
  • Workforce training
  • Post-project system support

Other Capabilities We Offer

Machine Automation

Reliable machines create smooth operations and consistent, quality products. E Tech Group’s machine automation services streamline your production line so you can focus on updates, training, and overall quality.


Process Automation

Boost the reliability of your manufacturing processes through automated material handling. E Tech Group’s process automation solutions reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality. 


Industrial IT

E Tech Group offers industrial information technology services for our clients. Our industry-specific IT solutions help our clients improve their cybersecurity postures, disaster response plans, and training programs.