Automation Heritage: Why E Tech Group is a Siemens System Integrator

E Tech Group prioritizes building and maintaining partnerships with the global leaders in automation products. Not only does this help us implement the best control system solutions for our clients, but it also keeps us at the forefront of automation advancement while keeping a solid hold in the history of the automation movement.

Siemens Automation Group (Siemens Global) is one of the longest-standing leaders in the field of process engineering, pioneering automation for well over 150 years. With that kind of heritage, it’s easy to infer they are committed to advancing manufacturing and industry. That’s just one of the reasons they develop some of the most adaptable and flexible automation products around – which is just one of the reason E Tech Group maintains a close partnership with this giant in engineering.

Siemens Global: From Pointer Telegraphs to Process Control & PLCs

The story of Siemens begins as a small company trying to improve upon the original electric telegraph design in the mid-19th century. Founded in 1847, within twenty years, their product, called the pointer telegraph, was all over Europe as a result of multiple government contracts. By the 1880’s, they faced numerous startups that would pose competition in the rapidly-expanding energy technology market.

They went public in 1899 – over 125 years ago! By this time, Siemens had already proliferated its engineering capabilities, including inventing the first elevator motor in 1880 and the first crane drive in 1891. Shortly after going public, they developed the world’s first reversing electric drive in 1907.

In 1958, Siemens came out with SIMATIC, the first modular system for contactless control. It was basically the progenitor to PLCs, which emerged less than 20 years later. SIMATIC is still regarded as one of the world’s most successful automation systems. In 1960, they developed the first industrial numerical control system, and by 1996, the availability of mini computers and moving hardware controls to software allowed them to truly achieve a totally integrated automation system.

The next major movement in automation was decentralizing controls, and Siemens was at the head with the Simodrive Posmo A in 1999. It allowed different machines to communicate and coordinate with each other, as it was integrated with the motor on each piece of equipment. And if this concept is starting to sound familiar, it’s because this was the tipping point in gaining the ability to build and implement complex, integrated control systems on large scales.

Why We Use Siemens Products in Our Custom Automation Solutions

It’s impossible to detail the myriad and significant developments in Siemens products that have occurred over the last 25+ years. Today, Siemens Global is a leader in automation and system integration products across the spectrum of industries, worldwide. And it’s a combination of who they are and what they do that keeps them there. We value Siemens AG as a partner and resource because:

Siemens Automation Products are Reliable

Siemens has a long-standing reputation for building dependable and high-quality automation products. This translates to less downtime, lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan for equipment. Their products go through rigorous testing procedures to ensure they meet strict quality standards. This gives users confidence in the performance and reliability of Siemens-built control systems.

Coupled with their extensive domain experience across many industrial contexts, users can rely on Siemens automation products being designed by engineers and developers with deep understanding of the contexts in which they’ll later be applied.

They Provide Comprehensive Automation Solutions

Siemens offers a vast portfolio of automation products, from PLCs and HMIs to sensors, drives, and communication networks. This allows system integrators to source everything they need for their automation project from a single vendor, simplifying procurement and integration.

Siemens’ core concept of Totally Integrated Automation emphasizes seamless communication and interoperability between all their automation components. This simplifies control system design, reduces project time and ensures smooth operation of the entire automation system.

They’re Focused on Innovation & Future-Proofing

Siemens continuously invests in research and development, keeping their automation products at the forefront of technology. This ensures users have access to the latest advancements and can benefit from improved efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Their automation products are also designed to be modular and scalable. This allows Siemens system integrators to start with a basic system and expand it as their needs evolve, without the need for a major control system retrofit, future-proofing their investment.

Automation Products are Designed with Critical Logistics in Mind

Siemens automation software is known for its intuitive interface and ease of use. This reduces programming complexity and training time for operators, but it also ensures that the control system panel design is able to be integrated in a way that users can access, analyze and control their automated processes at a high availability.

And we can’t forget about industrial cybersecurity, which is an ever-growing concern. Siemens prioritizes security features in their automation products, giving users peace of mind about their systems’ vulnerability.

E Tech Group: A System Integrator & Trusted Siemens Solution Partner

E Tech Group is a North American leader in industrial automation and control system integration services. We are committed to disrupting and advancing the world of automation and engineering – to create a world where industrial operations are safe, efficient, scalable, and able to adapt to changing circumstances, whether they be expansions, regulations, labor shortages, or anything else.

We bring our deep domain expertise, creative approach and diverse skill set of our automation and IT teams to design the ideal, custom automation solution for every project and every client. Whether a small upgrade or a complete turnkey system build, our clients and industry partners know that an E Tech Group automation system uses the best practices and the best products.

Siemens AG’s combination of extensive experience, comprehensive solutions, commitment to innovation, and global reach solidifies their position as a leader in automation technology. As far as industry partners, we value our relationship as a Siemens system integrator and the opportunities their innovative products provide us with regard to providing the most advanced, elegant process control and integration solutions for our clients.