A Modern Distributed Control System for Integrated Automation

In 2008, just when it seemed like DCSs might be overtaken by PLCs and PACs for good, Rockwell Automation introduced PlantPAx. Still the only industrial automation system that can handle the whole scope of building automation – including robotics, motion control and safety systems, as a Rockwell system integrator, E Tech Group often utilizes this impressive product in our clients’ control systems upgrades.

Widely regarded as one of the best distributed control systems (DCS) on the market, Rockwell is always improving PlantPAx’s design and capabilities. Clients for whom we’ve applied PlantPAx in their control systems integration project report increased productivity, streamlined processes, and peace of mind when it comes to asset security.

Fast Facts on PlantPAx

It’s easy to understand why clients see such significant ROI with Rockwell’s PlantPAx. A comprehensive and adaptable set of programs, PlantPAx may seem like a basic template library, but it’s actually so much more:

  • Centralized facility-wide control and optimization
  • Flexible implementation and application
  • TVU-certified for cybersecurity
  • Easy access to facility analytics
  • Compatibility with Allen Bradley system integrators
  • Supports process consistency
  • Plant-wide process data management
  • Broadest coverage of SIL levels and fault-tolerance
  • Logix batch and sequence manager
  • Cost-effective

Perhaps one of the most important facets of PlantPAx is its scalability, which allows our clients to plan for future changes and expansions knowing they won’t need an entire retrofit of their control systems with each step forward.

E Tech: A Rockwell Automation Partner

In a recent automation and integration upgrade for AMPAC Fine Chemicals, E Tech Group’s engineers selected the PlantPAx DCS to solve a number of issues this growing pharmaceutical manufacturer. Rockwell’s PlantPAx provided centralized control that was easily able to be adapted for varying production schedules. In addition, it also gave this single-product facility the ability to produce more than one product on the same equipment.

E Tech is one of top automation and system integration companies providing innovative, customized building automation solutions across a variety of industrial sectors, including data centers, material handling, life sciences, food and beverage manufacturers, and more. A Gold System Integrator with Rockwell Automation, we work together to streamline our client’s production, safety and security with integration solutions that increase profitability.