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Consumer Products

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturing is an ever-changing industry. With a focus on keeping our CPG clients competitive, reliable and compliant, E Tech Group provides cutting-edge automation support so your operation can excel.  


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Cutting-Edge Control Systems Integration for Consumer Products Manufacturers

CPG manufacturing is nothing new, but the way we do it is. Amid constant technological innovation, the industry is growing more quickly than ever. Today, consumer product (CP) companies require cutting-edge technology and intuitively-automated processes to maintain a competitive advantage.  

E Tech Group engineers design automated systems for CPG manufacturers that are accurate, reliable and compliant with sector-relevant regulations and standards. At the same time, our unique approach to control system design and integration ensures your operations are also adaptable and easily-manageable, which is integral in such a dynamic industry.

Automation Design that Complies, Adapts & Helps CPG Manufacturers Excel

E Tech Group collaborates with consumer product partners to automate and improve current processes, so they can weather supply chain inconsistencies. Product recalls, fluctuations in material prices, and changing labor pools are just some of the challenges that CP companies face. We give clients the tools and support they need to maintain, or even bolster, their revenue streams during these changes.  

Our engineers have extensive experience complying with CP regulations and best practices. Whether streamlining packaging conveyance or optimizing dashboard reporting, we will tailor our automation approach to fit your CPG manufacturing goals. 

How We Deliver Value for CPG Manufacturers

  • PLC/PACs
  • Mixing and extrusion 
  • Fill and finish
  • Sterilization and tempering 
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) 
  • Cooling/heating support systems (water and steam) 
  • Drives systems/motion control 
  • RFID 
  • Extrusion 
  • Thermoforming 
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottle manufacturing 
  • Wind/unwind application 

Our engineers design control systems that make your processes more efficient through:

  • Ingredient/product delivery 
  • KPI/dashboard reporting 
  • Track and trace 
  • Recipe management 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration 
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) 
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) 
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) systems 
  • Web handling 

Custom Support for DTC Businesses 

Run a direct-to-consumer company? This business model can boost your profit potential and improve customer experience. However, it isn’t without its challenges. E Tech Group offers automation and material handling services for our DTC partners.

IT/OT Risk Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure to identify security risks and weak points in your facility’s operations. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

Other Industries We Serve

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Material Handling

E Tech Group provides automated solutions for the fast, efficient and error-proof movement of packages that reduce your cost of operations. We deliver tangible value for our clients by improving their logistics, and have worked with some of the world’s leading parcel and fulfillment companies. 


Mission Critical

We provide reliable automation, control, and monitoring solutions for data centers, power and water applications. From upgrades to complex retrofits of live operating assets, to hyper-scale greenfield projects, our proven Zero-Defect methodology mitigates and manages risk ensuring delivery of successful projects on time and on budget. 



E Tech Group has been delivering results from the factory floors of the country’s leading steel and aluminum producers since 1992. We upgrade obsolete coordinated drive systems, conduct independent mill system evaluations, eliminate line instability, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall throughput and quality.