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Increase of Throughput Capacity at a Global Parcel Hub

Our engineers helped an international parcel service meet peak-season demand through our turnkey controls systems.


A global parcel service reached out to E Tech Group after being tasked with increasing throughput capacity in one of their older hubs prior to the peak season for shipping. The turnkey project involved upgrades to 70% of the site’s control systems, along with expansion of the control room and package handling systems. E Tech was responsible for the engineering design, software design, procurement of all electrical hardware, electrical installation, start-up, validation, and ongoing support through their peak period.


A dedicated E Tech Group project team was deployed to the site to complete definition through both audits and reviews.  The project team produced a highly-detailed report with a list of exceptions to the customer’s specifications.  These exceptions were submitted to the customer for approval prior to the start of the design. The E Tech team worked with the customer’s mechanical consultants to develop and then continuously refine plans to sequentially install the upgrades in scope blocks that could fit into short downtime windows.  In several instances, multiple E Tech teams were deployed to the site simultaneously to work in different areas.

Our engineering design team worked to standardize new electrical panel designs so they could easily be adjusted from one area to another with minimal notice if required.  Software was also standardized to make it more easily supportable during deployment and ongoing.

Once installation began, our engineers deployed full site management to the hub to oversee all deliveries and installation activities.  E Tech’s site manager was also the single point of contact for the hub manager and the mechanical consultant, creating a seamless communication channel from the customer to the E Tech project team.

There were several challenges associated with the successful completion of this project, ranging from tightly scheduled downtime, to dealing with delayed equipment deliveries. Our engineers closely managed the project and evolved the highly-detailed schedule to accommodate the customer’s needs.


  • The project start date was delayed condensing the original schedule down from 9 months to 5 months
  • The scope of work had to be planned sequentially because each upgrade was dependent on the previous one
  • The mechanical upgrades had to be completed prior to control system completion, further limiting installation and start-up windows
  • All installation and start-up work had to be completed during weekly downtime windows that started Saturday mornings and ended at 11:00 AM on Monday
  • Both mechanical and electrical equipment deliveries were “just in time” and sometimes late, requiring a very agile installation and start-up team
  • While the customer had very detailed specifications, many exceptions were allowed so that the new installations would match the existing operation.  This required more rigor during definition to review prior precedents set at the hub.


This turnkey project required rigorous planning and constant communication, making great project management essential.  After completing this project on time and on budget, E Tech Group has been awarded several other projects with this customer at the same facility.