Control System Integration

We leverage industry-leading technology to automate, streamline and upgrade manufacturing processes across industries. Our control systems integration services put your goals at the forefront.

Stay Competitive with Innovative Control System Integration

As commerce and industry continue their rapid growth, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to keep their competitive edge. However, piecemeal automation systems – a natural symptom of rapid industry development – present obstacles toward staying competitive long-term. A robust, integrated control system that manages operations building-wide is the solution.

Today’s most competitive manufacturing facilities are efficient, reliable, and cost effective. Your control system should be designed to reflect that, and the integrator you partner with should offer automation services that reflect that, too. E Tech Group offers best-in-class control systems integration to keep our customers at the top.

The Advantages of a Custom Integrated Automation System

Our engineers integrate quality software and hardware to create seamless processes and centralize controls. Secure, user-friendly platforms allow operators complete control of their facility and awareness of the status of all their processes. The benefits of this are many:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased throughput
  • Decreased defect/error
  • Decreased failure/downtime
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Human capital freed up for important/complex tasks
  • Adaptability
  • Scalability

Each facility has specific needs – quality control systems are not one-size-fits-all products. A custom automation system that incorporates the entire facility, whether a new build, upgrade or expansion, will allow you to make the most of your resources, time and potential.

E Tech Group: Prioritizing the Client’s Unique Process Control Needs

When integrating control systems, we keep your organization’s goals at the center of the project. Our engineers have experience in both integrating new build to suit production lines and retrofitting existing systems. Whether you’re in need of full turnkey delivery or equipment reconfiguration support, we’ll help you implement secure software and quality hardware for a more profitable operation. 

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech Group, we understand your robotic automation needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

How We Customize Your Control Systems

Our automation engineers span the continent, with experience that spans the industry. Just a few of the control system solutions our expertise includes are:

  • Distributed Control Systems  (DCS) 
  • HMI and SCADA Programming 
  • Industrial Network Design 
  • Instrumentation Specification & Installation 
  • Robotics 
  • Packaging, Conveying, & Sorting 
  • Material Handling & Palletizing

As a CSIA-certified integrator, E Tech Group partners with the leaders in automation products, including:

  • Rockwell 
  • Schneider / Invensys 
  • AVEVA 
  • Siemens 
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • ABB 
  • Honeywell 
  • GE 

Other Capabilities We Offer

Process Automation

Boost the reliability of your manufacturing processes through automated material handling. E Tech Group’s process automation solutions reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality. 


Specialty Drive Systems 

Increase throughput and slash downtime with our drive system design services. From engineering to installation, our engineers take a hands-on approach to system integration. 


S88 Batch Control Systems 

E Tech Group has been delivering results Accurate and secure batch control is critical in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our engineers will help your organization exceed regulatory standards to pass quality audits and remain competitive.