Spicing Up Success: A Flavorful Transformation in Spice Production by Leveraging Rockwell Automation Solutions

From manual control to automation, this success story highlights how Rockwell Automation solutions supported increased throughput and cost reductions.

Our recent addition, Automation Group, an E Tech Group Company, completed this case study. A summarized version is below. Click here to read the full case study on their site.


A supplier of culinary spices needed to automate their receiving and washing areas to improve efficiency and visibility. The existing manual approach caused bottlenecks and hindered production potential, making automation crucial for optimizing processes and streamlining workflows.


Automation Group, an E Tech Group company, helped a spice supplier improve efficiency and cut costs by automating their manual receiving and washing areas. They used a range of Rockwell Automation hardware and technologies to align with the customer’s objectives, resulting in a more streamlined and responsive control system. They also upgraded the hot wash hardware using a suite of Rockwell Automation components, improving efficiency, reliability, and safety. Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 v33 and Factory Talk View Studio Machine Edition provided a user-friendly interface for the spice supplier.


Our engineering firm provided dedicated support to the project, resulting in increased throughput and reduced production costs. The expected return on investment will materialize in three years, showcasing the cost-effectiveness of the solution. This transformation optimized operations and paved the way for future improvements, highlighting the effectiveness of our collaboration and Rockwell Automation’s automation solutions.