Advanced Software Applications

No matter your industry, your systems are only as efficient as your technology. E Tech Group provides enterprise software solutions to streamline your business processes and support your revenue goals.

How We Customize Our Advanced Software Applications   

E Tech Group utilizes the latest innovations in technology to create tools to view, understand, and manage key performance indicators; provide flexible, scalable and sustainable systems; and create interconnected workflows to bridge all aspects of operations. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications
  • APIs
  • 3D Digital Twins
  • Simulations
  • Data Lakes
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Database Administration
  • And More

Not all industries and facilities speak the same language when it comes to automation. Our engineers use the following technologies:

  • C# .NET 
  • C++
  • SQL
  • Leading web frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue
  • Python

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Cutting-Edge Software, Innovative System Design, Collaborative Implementation

Every facility’s automation needs are different. Sector, processes, environmental constraints, and the nature of your product all affect what control system design is ideal for your company. Industrial automation integrators have become adept at approaching projects with creative problem-solving, but not all have become proficient at speaking the language of automation: programming.

Successful control system integration starts with reliable software. E Tech Group offers robust software solutions to help our clients solve problems and remain efficient. Whether developing custom software or implementing an off-the-shelf product, we’re committed to supporting your industrial needs with custom process automation solutions.

A Multilingual System Integrator Implementing Advanced Software Solutions  

E Tech Group’s software developers take an agile and collaborative approach to software development. Through a rapid prototyping development lifecycle, we ensure consistent communication with our clients. Our goal is to create, implement and integrate software that exceeds your expectations and supports your revenue goals.  

We’re familiar with a variety of programming languages, third-party software products and 3D development technologies. Our software experts will communicate closely with your team to plan the best approach for you. Then following your launch, you can expect ongoing support from E Tech Group’s nationwide team.

IT/OT Risk Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

Other Capabilities We Offer

Industrial IT

E Tech Group offers industrial information technology services for our industrial partners. Our industry-specific IT solutions help our clients improve their cybersecurity postures, disaster response plans, and training programs. 


Control Systems Integration

Our engineers integrate the latest software and hardware to create seamless manufacturing processes. Whether integrating new production lines or retrofitting existing systems, we customize controls based on your goals.  



Today’s facilities and networks are at higher risk than ever before. Are you protecting your most critical infrastructure? Improve cybersecurity and preparedness through E Tech Group’s industrial IT engineering services.