Case Studies

E Tech Group has been an industry-leading automator and systems integrator for twenty five years. In that time, we’ve accumulated our fair share of success stories and combined them with Glenmount Global, Superior Controls, and Banks Integration’s record of success. Explore them below.

Discover E Tech Group’s Experience in Metals

Remote SCADA Maintenance and Troubleshooting for a Metals Client

A steel manufacturing company was experiencing errors and downtime with their SCADA system. E Tech’s engineers swiftly identified and eliminated the error, getting production back online.


Financial Savings for a Leading Steel Industry Customer

E Tech Group was hired for a large project by a leading steel company to increase throughput and safety on the customer’s six stand cold mill line. 


Emergency Support Call and Upgrade of Steel Mill Line Controls

After a steel mill client experienced a flooded basement and damaged equipment, E Tech upgraded the obsolete drives, PLC, and HMI, as well as an automatic tension control mode.


Exit Line Automation and Controls Upgrade

An American industrial company specializing in aluminum products contacted E Tech Group to upgrade their exit line automation and controls. The line had previously been running on vintage reliance analog drives from the 60’s.


Returns Roll Coater Paint Line to Maximum Profitability

Our engineers expanded line capabilities and upgraded to state-of-the-art Siemens digital drive systems to support a leading steel company.


Delivering a 1.5 Year ROI on a $2M Line Automation Recontrol

A steel service center was experiencing a troubling trend in increasing downtime and scrap losses. E Tech Group proposed modernized controls and programmable drives.


Rising Insurance Premiums with Less Protection Make IT/OT Assessment a Priority

Developing open channels of communication, we aligned a cross functional team to strategically performed a risk and vulnerability assessment while creating a plan to update their facility. 


Dive Into Our Pool of Life Sciences Expertise

Our Controls Platform is at End of Life – Now What?

An American Biotechnology Company (ABC) knew their legacy control systems were approaching end-of-life, making an upgrade essential for their site in California. E Tech Group provided several control system upgrades to their systems.


Control System for Acorda Therapeutics

E Tech Group is proud to partner with Acorda Therapeutics to bring an expanded manufacturing process online.


BioTech Manufacturing Scale-Up

A promising biotech startup with drug candidates progressing from stage 2 to stage 3 clinical had limited automation staffing. The startup turned to E Tech Group to transition their processes to full-scale manufacturing.


Customized Validated Critical Monitoring System

E Tech Group supported a biopharmaceutical’s expansion with a new validated control system. The company focuses on serious, debilitating, and genetic diseases.


Increased Flexibility & Better Quality for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

E Tech Group’s engineers implemented a low-cost Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system to upgrade a single-product semiwork facility.


Implementation of an FDA-Compliant Process Control System

E Tech Group’s process control solutions included a manufacturing execution system for FDA-compliant data collection and reporting, as well as a building management system and other vendor-supplied control systems.


Providing Expertise on Control System Evaluation

E Tech Group, being a trusted system integrator for this client, was asked to consult on the analysis of their current control system and evaluate potential new platforms.


Explore Our Missions in Manufacturing

Helping A Food Manufacturer Grow Production Volume With Automation

Our engineers used Rockwell Automation technology to program process automation controllers, perform troubleshooting, and upgrade support for a manufacturing expansion.


parcel icon

Increase of Throughput Capacity at a Global Parcel Hub

Our engineers helped an international parcel service meet peak-season demand through our turnkey controls systems.


Large-Scale Electrical & Mechanical Safety

A global battery supplier reached out to E Tech Group with their initiative to bring 99 machines into compliance with the most recent electrical and mechanical safety guidelines.


When dealing with obsolescence becomes a bit of a pickle…

How our engineers were able to upgrade a decades old obsolete system to a current high-speed system over a weekend


Or, View Successes in the World of Material Handling

Lift Table Motor Burnout Remedied by Signal Delay Timer

A customer had been experiencing motor failures on hydraulic lift tables in their distribution centers.


Helping Keep a Distribution Warehouse’s IT/OT Networks Current and Out of Obsolescence

Our engineers documented and assessed the client’s IT/OT Infrastructure to help identify critical components near obsolescence or end of life.


Concern of Obsolescence Forces Large Scale Assessment and Plans For Remediation

A previous E Tech Group employee who now works for a large material handling company recognized there was potential large scale obsolescence and reached out to have our team assess and provide plans for remediation and optimization.