Process Automation

Create cost-effective and reliable production systems with E Tech Group’s automated material handling solutions. We will help you increase throughput, quality and system response so you can bring in more revenue.

A successful manufacturing process requires precision and efficiency. No matter the industry, it can be challenging to maintain quality while managing daily throughput. E Tech Group is committed to restoring this balance through process automation. Our Zero Defect methodology towards control system design prioritizes precision, efficiency and, most importantly, reliability. 

Our automated material handling capabilities reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency, and increase overall quality. We boost the response and reliability of your manufacturing systems so you can improve your time to market and better serve your customers.  

From batch management to SCADA solutions, our automated material handling solutions are specific to your manufacturing needs. We start by accurately defining the project scope and ensure that our solutions are agile enough to grow with your operation. Scalability is a tenant of our industrial automation and integration services.

Expect clear and consistent communication throughout the implementation process, assured that the results will align with your output goals and vision. E Tech Group has the resources, experience and creativity to tailor even the most complex process automation systems to exceed client expectations.

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech, we understand your robotic automation needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration, and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

How We Improve Your Automated Material Handling

  • Batch Management & Control 
  • Electrical Design 
  • IT/OT  
  • Line Performance (OEE) & Downtime Tracking 
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 
  • Ingredient/Product Delivery 
  • Dashboarding & Key Performance Indicators 
  • And More 
  • Ingredient / Product Delivery 
  • Packaging Systems 
  • Network Assessments, Mitigation & Remediation 
  • Machine Automation 
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) Systems 

Other Capabilities We Offer

Machine Automation

Reliable machines create smooth operations. E Tech Group’s machine automation services streamline your production line, so you can focus on updates, training, and overall quality.  


Safety Systems 

Reportable safety incidents can be costly, both financially and for your reputation. E Tech Group’s safety systems protect your employees, facilities, and products through safety design, audits, and training. 


Specialty Drive Systems

Increase throughput and slash downtime with our drive system design services. From engineering to installation, our engineers take a hands-on approach to system integration.