AVEVA & OSIsoft: Industrial Software Pioneers Now Partners

In 2020, AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, announced its intent to acquire OSIsoft, a forerunner in industrial data management. This strategic move served to merge two giants in the field of industrial intelligence, combining each company’s complementary abilities.

Completed in 2021, this new partnership between AVEVA and OSIsoft would have an almost immediate impact on the automation industry at-large. Control system integrators partnered with AVEVA had an opportunity to expand their expertise to support OSIsoft PI as well, adding yet another tool to our control system design belt, if you will.

Who are AVEVA and OSIsoft? And how does this acquisition affect manufacturers looking for bleeding-edge process automation solutions? Let’s take a look:


AVEVA launched in 1967 under the name CADcentre. They quickly became the game-changers on the frontier of CAD applications in industrial processes. They were the first engineering firm to create a 3D computer plant model in 1976.

AVEVA has led the charge in collaborative automation system design and cloud-based applications. Today, as a global leader in industrial intelligence, AVEVA strives to innovate sustainable automation solutions. They’re renowned for:

  • Basic engineering design: Conceptualizing and designing industrial facilities.
  • Detailed engineering: Creating detailed plans for construction and equipment installation.
  • Operations and asset management: Monitoring and optimizing production processes, ensuring asset performance and safety.

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft was founded in 1980 as Oil Systems Inc. where they initially focused on real-time data acquisition and analysis for the oil and gas industry. They developed PI System, which revolutionized the management and utilization of industrial process data.

By the early aughts, OSIsoft had expanded their PI System capabilities for other sectors like chemical and power, and launched PI Server, an internet-based platform for accessing data. A pioneer in real-time industrial data management, OSIsoft’s PI System is a powerful automation system platform that collects, contextualizes, and analyzes data from industrial assets, providing crucial insights for:

  • Process optimization: Identifying inefficiencies and improving production performance.
  • Predictive maintenance: Anticipating equipment failures and scheduling preventive maintenance.
  • Compliance and safety: Ensuring adherence to regulations and maintaining safe operating conditions.

Acquired by AVEVA in 2021, OSIsoft operates as a distinct brand within the company.

Impact of the AVEVA’s Acquisition of OSIsoft

The recent acquisition of OSIsoft was a genius strategic move on the part of AVEVA, and according to both industrial trailblazers, was driven by 3 main factors:

  • Complementary strengths: AVEVA’s engineering expertise combined with OSIsoft’s data management prowess created a comprehensive solution for managing the entire industrial lifecycle, from design to implementation.
  • Market opportunity: The demand for industrial intelligence was rapidly growing, driven by factors like digital transformation initiatives and the increasing adoption of IIoT.
  • Synergy potential: The combined entity aimed to achieve significant cost savings, cross-selling opportunities and accelerated innovation in the automation and control system software market.

And they were right. Adding OSIsoft PI to AVEVA’s portfolio of automation software has had a significant impact on the landscape of industrial automation applications:

  • Creation of AVEVA PI System: This combined offering leverages OSIsoft’s real-time data with AVEVA’s engineering and operational software, enabling enhanced process visibility, improved decision-making, and optimized performance across the industrial value chain.
  • Strengthened market position: AVEVA has emerged as a major player in the industrial intelligence market, competing with established players in automation software, like Siemens and GE Digital.
  • New innovations: The merger has spurred the development of new automation solutions and services that capitalize on the combined expertise of both companies.

Automation happens in two contexts. In the industrial sector, the integration of AVEVA and OSIsoft has driven innovation in automation applications and industrial intelligence. And in the engineering sector, this merger has driven automation companies to integrate their expertise in both to offer a new brand of OSIsoft support.

E Tech Group Supports OSIsoft PI as an Endorsed AVEVA System Integrator

As an endorsed system integrator with AVEVA and a leader in North American industrial automation, E Tech Group engineers leverage these companies’ complementary technology to support OSIsoft and AVEVA-based automation systems. And because we are dedicated to providing high-value automation and IT services, we will continue to expand our expertise as these products evolve.