Upgrade your AVEVA PI System! 

Why upgrade to the latest versions of PI system 

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” philosophy with the PI System has proven not only a security risk but also results in the user’s inability to leverage the full functionality of the latest PI Software capabilities, especially where the older versions of the software are installed and presently in use.   

The AVEVA PI System has evolved considerably over time with a focus on security, customer feedback, and market requirements. 

When you upgrade your PI system software, you gain numerous benefits…. 

Heightened security by upgrading to the latest versions of the PI Software Suite can help ensure the application of the latest necessary security fixes to the core software, enabling active threat deterrence.   

In addition, the latest version of the PI software suite enables industries to leverage the most current Windows and network security features while providing access to their users based on current standards, best practices, and industry guidelines.  When upgraded, your system has reduced potential cyber and internal threats while preserving the integrity of your data in the PI System. 

AVEVA PI Technical Support has transformed its skill set to align with the latest versions of the PI Software.  With older versions, one can anticipate delayed response time on “time and data-sensitive” issues due to a lack of on-hand technical expertise and solutions to resolve those technical issues.   

Furthermore, with changes in user requirements and technological development, many of the current PI tools are either no longer available, supported or are in the process of being eliminated for future usage and technical support.  To keep up with the changing times, it is in the best interest of all PI users to follow the industry standards and remain up to date with their PI System. 

Access the new AVEVA PI System features and functionality with your system upgrade, allowing you to enhance your PI System usage and gain additional benefits.  The AVEVA PI System continues evolving by aligning with emerging technologies and industry needs. Such as but not limited to, cloud-based solutions, data visualization technologies, and the enhancement of their system to integrate with various such technologies.   

This allows industries to better serve their end users in meeting data requirements by integrating the PI System across different network layers and platforms, thus providing the end users access to the data based on their user roles and specifications. 

Increased stability and system performance optimization when you upgrade to the latest versions of the software.  A newly upgraded system provides a higher level of stability and can accelerate the data processing speed, which is a primary key necessity in real-time analytics and user data requirements.  

Future-proof your organization when you upgrade the PI System.  The newly upgraded system will have the capability to support future growth more easily with the new versions of the software.  Staying current also provides the ability to more efficiently scale over different levels of your organization’s network layers and locations with minimum effort. 

Reduce your long-term operating costs by taking full advantage of the latest features and reduced associated maintenance costs post-implementation of the most up-to-date versions of the PI Software.  PI System upgrades can directly impact the efficiency of the system, resource management, and long-term operating costs. 

The biggest takeaway is that it may be a higher cost upfront, but the long-term benefits of maintaining your PI systems recommended upgrades far outweigh the initial expenditure.