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Machine builders play a critical role in the industrial supply chain. Our advanced control system and automation solutions will help you build quality equipment, stay competitive, scale, and boost your revenue.   




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Machine Builders Require Robust Manufacturing Automation Solutions

E Tech Group offers control and automation solutions to make your OEM company a leading player. Original equipment manufacturers are the foundation of production: no matter the industry, efficient machine builders kick start the supply chain for smooth and reliable manufacturing processes.

Machines are at the forefront of progress in all types of manufacturing. Machine automation allows repetitive or even dangerous jobs to be performed robotically, freeing up human labor for more complex tasks. High-quality machines and automation equipment are also helping manufacturers across industries deal with the current labor shortage.

The E Tech Group Advantage: Reliable Industrial Automation for OEM

The coverage and adaptability of your automated processes can make or break your success as a machine builder. Our custom automation solutions provide tangible benefits right now and for the future. E Tech Group OEM clients can expect process control solutions that:

  • Increase production efficiency: Our control system and automation solutions can help you automate tasks that would otherwise be done by hand. This can lead to significant cost savings and increased output with reduced maintenance and downtime.
  • Improve product quality: We help you improve the quality of your products with comprehensive control systems that ensure consistent and accurate production. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and more repeat business, and can help you become – and remain – a leader in your industry.
  • Enhance flexibility: E Tech Group’s custom industrial automation systems allow you to be more flexible in your manufacturing operations. Custom mechanized systems can easily adapt to changes in your production requirements. This includes seamless scalability that doesn’t compromise the reliability of your processes.
  • Ensure compliance: Our control system services for OEM/Machine Builders help you comply with current industry regulations and stay ready for imminent regulatory changes. Our industrial automation systems are tailored to meet specific safety and environmental requirements.

Your customers expect high-quality products. Our engineers help you exceed expectations. We design and implement controls for safe and effective building processes, ensuring successful implementation with our post-project support services. From operator workstations to the control room, we help your entire operation run seamlessly so you can better serve your target market. 

We Go Beyond Implementation

When partnering with E Tech Group, machine builders can expect end-to-end support for projects and processes. We design and implement drive systems, mechanical solutions, panels, control systems, and more. Our engineers then provide on-the-ground and virtual support to ensure ongoing functionality.

How We Automate the OEM Industry

Machine manufacturers can expect 360-degree support from E Tech Group in designing and implementing an integrated control system that sets them up for future success. Our manufacturing solutions for OEM companies include products and services such as:

  • PLC / PACs
  • PLC / HMI control systems 
  • Operator workstations 
  • AC/DC dive controls 
  • Control system design 
  • Drive design and specification  
  • Mechanical design and fabrication 
  • Panel design and fabrication 
  • Pulpits, power control rooms and operator workstations 
  • FAT support 
  • Installation and commissioning support 
  • Post-project support 
machine automation

IT/OT Risk Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure to identify security risks and weak points in your facility’s operations. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

Other Industries We Serve

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Material Handling

Automated solutions for the fast, efficient, and error-proof movement of packages that reduce your costs. We have delivered tangible value for our clients by improving their logistics and have worked with the world’s leading parcel and fulfillment companies. 


Mission Critical

We provide reliable automation, control, and monitoring solutions for data centers, power, and water applications. From upgrades to complex retrofits of live operating assets, to hyper-scale greenfield projects, our proven “Zero-Defect” methodology mitigates and manages risk ensuring delivery of successful projects on time and on budget. 



E Tech Group has been delivering results from the factory floors of the country’s leading steel and aluminum producers since 1992. We upgrade obsolete coordinated drive systems, conduct independent mill system evaluations, eliminate line instability, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall throughput and quality.