Remote SCADA Maintenance and Troubleshooting for a Metals Client

A steel manufacturing company was experiencing errors and downtime with their SCADA system. E Tech Group’s engineers swiftly identified and eliminated the error, getting production back online.

Project: Diagnose & Repair Dueling SCADA Systems

A steel manufacturing company needed to replace an outdated furnace control system and for remote support. The client had a redundant SCADA system where one of the SCADAs stopped working. The issue occurred because, over time, the SCADA system was generating error logs which caused the hard drive to fill up. The error occurred because to the company’s anti-virus system was locking SCADA files that were being accessed and written to by the SCADA system. The hard drive reached maximum capacity which resulted in the SCADA system halting.

Solution: Clean up Corrupted Files and Confer with the Client

E Tech engineers remotely identified the corrupted files causing the errors, cleaned the files allowing their system to start back up, and provided consultation to the client’s IT team. We installed HMIs and PLCs, along with a furnace safety system and a furnace control system.

E Tech Group engineers set up a secure way to remote into their system and worked with their IT department to come up with a better solution for the client’s server set ups. This involves coordination with E Tech Group’s IT team and the client’s IT team.

Results: Cost-Efficient Control System Troubleshooting

This project only took a half an hour, thanks to the ability to remotely support. This saved the cost of a flight, hotel room, and four hours minimum onsite. Plus, we set the client up to be able to troubleshoot the control system in-house in the future, lessening the need to outsource IT support.

E Tech Group has deep domain expertise in the metals industry, designing and implementing robust, strategically-designed control systems that integrate and optimize automated processes. Partnering with the best automation companies on the market, like Rockwell Automation and AVEVA, metals clients can expect streamlined, consistent processes on an adaptable, scalable automation system.