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Making Cybersecurity Approachable

Providing cybersecurity context, encouragement, protection and detection for users in multiple process industries There’s no way to go it alone on cybersecurity. Because no one knows everything, even the most informed and competent end user is going to need help from someone more know-how and information about a certain device, software, best practice or other … Continued

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Cybersecurity Approachable

Exploring industrial wireless best practices: More answers

More industrial wireless best practices were provided by speakers from a Control Engineering webcast, “Exploring industrial wireless best practices.” Laurie Cavanaugh, business development manager, E Technologies, and Dean Fransen, Applied Intelligence, Wood, answered more industrial wireless audience questions below that were submitted but not answered in the one-hour July 8 webcast.

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E Tech Group Promotes Several Associates

E Tech Group would like to congratulate several team members on recent promotion and new roles.
Virginia Bergman has been promoted to the newly created position of Director of Quality Operations. Andy Corsini, Tag McCormick, and Chris Treat have been promoted to the newly created position of Director of Operations.

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