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E Tech Group Announces Brand Name Change of Recently Acquired System Integrator, Automation Group

West Chester, OH – E Tech Group, a leader in providing high-quality automation, control, and engineering services for industrial clients and Gold Certified Rockwell Automation Partner, today announced that the brand formerly known as Automation Group has been renamed as E Tech Group. E Tech Group’s acquisition of Automation Group was finalized on October 3, … Continued

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Understanding Machine Learning and its Upcoming Place in Manufacturing

As computational processing power has improved, machine learning (ML) has exploded in potential use cases that stand to improve a multitude of different processes. ML’s particular area of strength is its ability to detect and model complex relationships amongst large numbers of variables described in vast datasets. As the process of digitalization within industrial manufacturing … Continued

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Video Game Development Tools Meet Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Resulting in Digital Twin Innovation

Author contributor: Advanced Software Group Engineering Manager, Cole Switzer When a prominent manufacturer wanted to observe and interact remotely with their production line in real-time, E Tech Group software developers brought their 3D game development expertise to deliver an innovative digital twin of the line. The twin mimics the behavior of its real-life counterpart in … Continued

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