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Join us at Automate 2022

We’re excited to announce we will be exhibiting at  Automate 2022 with our partners at  Apera AI. We hope you’ll visit us at booth #4113 and participate in a demonstration you won’t want to miss! Comment below if you’ll be there! Click Here to Register for Automate 2022.

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Just Enough Industrial Data Analysis?

E Tech Group’s Director of Business Development, Laurie Cavanaugh is a presenter for this Control Engineering webcast. Just-in-time supply chain strategy limits were exposed in a global pandemic. Is just-enough industrial data analysis working for operations? Is the right data getting to the right people to optimize operations in time? Where are the bottlenecks and … Continued

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Just Enough Industrial Data Analysis

How to Perform a Risk Assessment  

– By Tony Schalk, Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland), Automation Systems Engineer, E Technologies  Sophisticated companies know that safety is a journey, not a destination. It is a part of their strategic and ongoing growth. As more and more companies look to implement safety programs, questions about budget, time, effort, and feasibility come into play. … Continued

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Proficy Production Module

The Production module in Proficy is responsible for the entire plant’s production operations, including streamlining and managing the flow of products between equipment and it facilitates schedule changes to reduce excess inventory or to avoid shortage of raw materials.

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