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The Case for Investment into Cybersecurity 

In an era of increased frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, any one defensive approach can be hacked. To be fully guarded, a secured network must incorporate several different components. A cyber-attack on an exposed OT Network is a looming security risk with potentially devastating consequences including extended production downtime, system reformatting and possible hardware … Continued

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E Tech Group Announces Critical Achievement of a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

E Tech Group has attained Certified Information Systems Security Professional status to help intensify and strengthen their delivery of sophisticated cybersecurity programs to protect manufacturers and industrial clients integrating OT assets and systems to front office IT systems. West Chester, OH – E Tech Group, a leader in providing high-quality automation, control, and engineering services … Continued

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Proactively Protecting Against Cyber Threats

Secure Your Company with a Cybersecure Control System   Cybersecurity continues to gain more and more momentum in manufacturing, and for good reason. Some of these facilities can be responsible for millions, sometimes billions of dollars in business, quickly gaining attention and unfortunately becoming a target for a cyberattack if not properly secured.  At a time when … Continued

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How to Ensure Useful Data Extraction from a PI Historian System 

Data is an ever-present and growing benchmark in all industries. However, sometimes it may feel like it’s cloaked in mystery. There’s often a question of, why is collecting process data important? You then start to go down the rabbit hole trying to answer…..How do you get data out of your equipment? How do you decide … Continued

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