Motion Control

We help you maintain accurate production lines with our coordinated motion control systems, so you can mitigate downtime and reduce waste.

Stay Ahead of the Automation Curve with Exact Motion Control

Coordinated motion control is a critical part of all automated systems. Poor configuration and quality leads to downtime, wasted materials and safety concerns — and this could mean losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. E Tech Group’s precision motion control systems reduce downtime, improve efficiency and mitigate maintenance needs, so you can run a more profitable facility. 

Precise Motion Control Systems Improve Error Rates

Precision improves your products’ quality. E Tech Group’s specialists are highly-experienced at implementing motion control systems customized to meet your needs and fully integrated with your facility. An accurate and reliable motion control system will reduce wastage and downtime through precision. 

Quality Motion Control Systems Improve Workplace Safety

When designing or upgrading coordinated motion control systems, our engineers keep safety at the center of our work. Reliable automated systems support responsive shutoff, sensitive controls, and precise functionality. After installation, our experts will be available through our 24/7 support services for real-time troubleshooting. 

Integrators Creating the New Standard in Motion Control Automation

E Tech Group has extensive experience supporting various industries and designing motion control systems in fast-paced operational environments. When working with our engineers, you can expect proven expertise with an emphasis on quality, communication, and client relationships. 

Complex machinery and building automation is supposed to free up your team for skilled labor; a poorly-calibrated, poorly-integrated motion control system takes up valuable time and puts your company’s production capacity and quality at risk. A precise, secure motion control system, on the other hand, can benefit your production integrity immediately as well as long-term.

E Tech Group designs integrated control systems tailored to your facility’s capabilities and your company’s needs. We’ve worked on coordinated motion control projects for decades, and hope to support your team for decades to come. 

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech Group, we understand your motion control needs are unique and require customized solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your automation, integration and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

How We Customize Your Motion Control Systems

Motion control systems are integral to daily operations remaining consistent and accurate. E Tech Group offers expertise in numerous relevant industries, including:

  • Carwashes 
  • Motion Control for Large Steel Lines 
  • High Horsepower & Low Horsepower Systems 
  • Multi-million Dollar Motion Control Systems for Metals Industries 
  • Precise Shears & Marking Machines 
motion control systems

We partner with the best automation vendors in the industry to design exact motion control systems:

  • Rockwell  
  • ABB 
  • Siemens 

Other Capabilities We Offer

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