MES Implementation Spans the Entire Production Life Cycle

All manufacturers are required to comply with regulations and standards, no matter the industry. And while automation has made it simpler and less costly to do so, a piecemeal automation system may have gaps, disparate software and obsolescence issues that risk the integrity of that compliance. And that is a risk that no company should leave unmanaged.

Manufacturing execution systems offer a solution to blind spots and flaws in a facility’s automation design. End-to-end coverage of automated processes coupled with continuous monitoring and analytics increases efficiency and ensures regulatory compliance, protecting the integrity of your operations and your reputation.

What is a Manufacturing Execution System?

A manufacturing execution system, or MES for shorthand, is used to track and manage production processes from start to finish. MES systems can be used to track inventory, schedule production, monitor quality, and collect data on performance. They can be applied in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical automation, food and beverage production, material handling processes like palletizing, and many more.

How does an MES compare to a DCS or SCADA system?

While an MES…

  • Tracks and manages the production process
  • Collects inventory, production schedules, quality data, and performance data
  • Outputs reports and analytics
  • Is managed by production managers and supervisors


  • Provides real-time monitoring and control of automated processes
  • Collects sensor and actuator data
  • Outputs signals in real time
  • Is managed by operators and engineers

MES implementation can be invaluable to a manufacturer’s quality control and future growth goals.

What’s Important in MES Design & Implementation?

Creating a client’s ideal MES solution includes the consideration of several factors, as well as careful attention to the project’s framework. An effective MES implementation needs:

  • A clear understanding of the company’s goals, particularly the processes that need to be improved and the performance indicators used to measure success.
  • Thorough analysis of existing automated processes by identifying each production stage, its inputs and outputs, and the relationship(s) between different stages.
  • Selection of the right MES software sourced from top-tier automation vendors.
  • Effective methodology from project planning to system deployment.

In tandem, three important factors guide the approach to the project:

  • Data integration: An MES system needs to be able to integrate with other manufacturing systems like ERPs, CRMs and PLCs to operate effectively.
  • Security: MES implementation must include ironclad security features that protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Scalability: An MES system should be designed with future growth in mind.

E Tech Group helps clients cover all their bases via open communication and close collaboration. Getting an in-depth understanding of your company’s goals and keeping you in the driver’s seat throughout the course of a projects allows us to create completely customized MES solutions that work for you.

What are the Benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems?

MES implementation offers multifaceted benefits to any size or type of industrial producer:

  • Increased efficiency: MES systems can help manufacturers to streamline their production processes and reduce waste.
  • Improved quality: MES systems can help manufacturers to identify and correct quality problems early on.
  • Reduced operational costs: MES systems can help manufacturers to reduce their overall costs by improving efficiency and quality.
  • Improved supply chain management: MES systems can also help manufacturers to reduce inventory costs and improve on-time delivery performance.
  • Increased visibility: MES systems can provide manufacturers with real-time visibility into their production processes. This helps manufacturers to identify and resolve problems quickly and make better decisions about how to improve their operations.
  • Improved tracking: MES systems can also help manufacturers better track and manage product traceability.
  • Enhanced compliance: MES systems can help manufacturers to comply with (and exceed!) industry regulations and standards.
  • Improved public perception: By improving efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery performance, MES systems can help manufacturers to improve customer satisfaction and industry reputation.
  • Increased competitiveness: By reducing costs and improving efficiency and quality, MES systems can help manufacturers to become more competitive in their markets.
  • Support growth: MES systems should be flexible and scalable to support the growth of a manufacturing business.

3 Cutting-Edge MES Automation Products

They key to unlocking the far-reaching benefits of a manufacturing execution system, it must be well-designed, seamlessly implemented, and utilize the best MES platforms on the market. E Tech Group partners with the best in the business, which is why our custom MES systems can be truly tailored to the best interests of an individual client.

Three advanced cutting-edge MES platforms our engineers often apply to projects are:

AVEVA Manufacturing MES Software

AVEVA Execution MES, previously Wonderware MES, is a platform meant to be implemented across multiple industrial sites, making manufacturing system integration a reality for an entity with several facilities.

AVEVA’s automation software:

  • Uses fewer IT resources
  • Unifies MES data
  • Reduces control system software infrastructure
  • Lowers enterprise integration costs
  • Reduces system maintenance to a single MES
  • Reduces energy costs by using assets more efficiently.

GE Proficy Manufacturing Execution System Software

GE Proficy Smart Factory MES software is a suite of in-facility and digital cloud solutions, providing important insights for businesses via data integration, IIoT, machine learning, and predictive analysis.

GE’s automation software received top scores in Gartner MES Reports for in-process quality management, data management and collection, and production equipment integration. GE Proficy Smart Factory MES implementation:

  • Increases efficiency with customization
  • Reduces errors and rework
  • Improve analysis and compliance
  • Improve asset and process performance
  • Provides centralized, remote and mobile access to data analysis and configuration
  • Allows companies the ability to go paperless

Siemens Opcenter Execution MES Software

Siemens Opcenter MES software is designed to increase efficiency and quality while reducing errors and costs. This line of MES systems is available in several iterations tailored for different manufacturing sectors:

  • Opcenter Execution Discrete: discrete manufacturing job shops and complex assembly operations
  • Opcenter Execution Process: consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage (F&B) and chemical manufacturing
  • Opcenter Execution Electronics: printed circuit board, mechanical assembly and box-build production
  • Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics: medical manufacturing
  • Opcenter Execution Pharma: pharmaceutical production
  • Opcenter Execution Semiconductor: semiconductor production operations

E Tech Group: Forward-Looking MES Design, Implementation & Support

E Tech Group, a leading North American systems integrator, serves industrial clients across the spectrum with manufacturing execution system implementation that transforms your operations by increasing efficiency, quality, control, and consistency. We have deep domain expertise that runs the gamut of automation services – from simple system upgrades to IT assessments to complete facility-wide automation system builds.

Our distinct capabilities and hundreds of engineers’ experience allows us to provide services to a host of industrial entities. Some include:

If you’re considering an MES, SCADA, DSC, or other automation upgrade, E Tech Group will help you meet and exceed your goals with a customized control system solution that fits your needs, budget and timeline.