Safety Systems

Your team is your most important resource. Are you equipped to protect them? We design, implement, and test our automated safety systems to guard your employees, processes and reputation. 

How We Customize Your Safety Systems

E Tech Group’s safety system capabilities go beyond software with thorough, insightful support services from beginning to end, such as:

  • SISTEMA calculations
  • General machine safety consulting
  • OSHA compliance consulting
  • Machine guarding
  • Machine safety audits and risk assessments
  • Safety functional requirement specifications
  • Detailed design
safety systems

The testing and validation phase of a safety system is key to ensuring it properly supports your facility’s automation and control systems. E Tech Group safeguards our clients end-to-end:

  • Safety component acquisition and delivery
  • Project management
  • Detailed design verification
  • Safety component and function validation

Let’s Get Started

At E Tech Group, we understand your safety system needs are unique and require customized automation solutions. Our expert team is available to discuss your safety automation, integration and engineering needs to find the right solution for your company.

Automated Safety Systems that Offer Compliant, Comprehensive Protection

Manufacturing safety isn’t just recommended; it’s essential. With a positive safety track record, your organization will save on incident response and maintain your reputation. E Tech Group’s advanced safety systems will protect your employees, increase efficiency and boost the quality of your products.  

As manufacturing plants upgrade their automation systems to include robotics, human-machine safety is critical. E Tech Group is a TÜV Rheinland-Certified company and Rockwell Automation Partner. Our engineers will help your team stick to regimented safety standards, complete training guidelines, and communicate effectively on the factory floor.

Robust Safety Systems Optimize Operations, Statistics & Logistics  

Our industry-leading customers know that a reportable safety incident can result in hefty OSHA fines and administrative headaches. They key to mitigating this risk is to stay ahead of it. A big part of this is understanding all the intricacies involved, such as:

  • Emergency stop systems
  • Interlocks and physical barriers
  • Toxic gas detection and ventilation
  • Safety instrumented systems (SIS)
  • Fire and explosion protection systems
  • Safety switches

Effective automated safety systems help industrial entities accomplish three things:

1. Better Workplace Safety

Utilizing automation to machinate previously manual processes removes the need for workers to do unsafe or risky tasks. Further using safety automation to monitor the robotics controlling that task reduces the need for on-the-floor interaction with a volatile piece of equipment.

2. Increased Efficiency

Automation has already made those repetitive, tedious, and/or risky processes more efficient by increasing throughput and reducing error. Safety systems further support operations by reducing workplace accidents that can result in injuries, costly downtime and hefty OSHA fines.

3. Better Reputation

This is a two-fold benefit of implementing safety systems across your facility. As an employer, prioritizing safety improves employee satisfaction and morale, and it also makes you a more attractive potential employer. And in your industry sector, a reputation for stellar safety can take you from a competitor amongst the fold to head of the line.

The other piece of the safety puzzle is fostering a culture of safety on the workroom floor. Our innovative, detailed approach to safety systems and on-site safety consulting, E Tech Group can help you improve your position in the market by safeguardingand empoweringyour team, your efficiency, and your reputation.

Other Capabilities We Offer

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