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E Tech Group provides industrial solutions for semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturers, including engineering, automation, fabrication, and maintenance services. They partner with industry leaders to drive innovation and optimize production processes.


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Our Expertise in Advanced Material Manufacturing

Advanced Material Manufacturing includes semiconductors, solar and battery manufacturing. E Tech Group brings a wide array of experience across all of these materials.

  • Facility Monitoring & Control Systems (FMCS)
  • Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS)
  • Chemical & Gas Delivery Systems
  • Utility Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Process Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • Facility systems 
  • PLC and DCS based control 
  • Electric monitoring systems 
  • Power monitoring systems 
  • Equipment status and alarming 
  • Flammable gas detection
  • Control/Information Networks
  • Design & Implementation Services
  • OEM Skid integration
  • Greenfield Operations Expansions
  • Track & Trace
  • Brownfield Legacy system migrations
  • Integration of PLC, DCS, DDC & SCADA Control Systems
  • ISA-101 High-Performance Human Machine Interfaces
  • ISA-88 Batch Process Controls Design & Configuration
  • Ultraclean HVAC systems 
  • Compressed air systems 
  • Industrial water and waste treatment 
  • Chilled and heating hot water systems 
  • Chemical and steam distribution 
  • Potable, industrial, and utility water systems 
  • Process vacuum 
  • Process and utility water 
  • Gas distribution monitoring 
  • Leak monitoring 
  • Lift stations
  • FEED Studies
  • System Architecture & Roadmap Design
  • Industrial IT/OT Network Design & Configurations
  • Technology Selection
  • Industrial IT/OT Network Design & Configurations
  • Hardware & Field Device Selection
  • Project Requirement Definition
  • Operational Strategy

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Specializing in Advanced Material Manufacturing

E Tech Group specializes in catering to the specific needs of semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturers. We offer services in electrical engineering, process automation, and custom fabrication. E Tech Group provides comprehensive support from concept to integration and maintenance services to ensure smooth operations. E Tech Group partners with industry leaders to drive innovation and progress while keeping up with evolving market demands. We offer automation and information services to optimize the production process, from system design to post-project support.

IT/OT Risk Assessment

An IT/OT Risk Assessment is the compilation of a complete directory of a facility’s control systems and IT Infrastructure to identify security risks and weak points in your facility’s operations. Compiling this list allows for the facility to more effectively budget, plan, and account for future remedial work.

Other Industries We Serve

Life Sciences

Both biotech and pharmaceutical industrial clients are served by E Technology Group’s Life Sciences teams. Do you need to scale up alternative protein production to meet demand, or require validated processes for high-tech medical equipment? Look no further.


Food and Beverage

To compete in the food and beverage industry, you need precision at every stage of the supply chain. We automate and integrate food and beverage manufacturing to improve safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance. 


Data Centers

When downtime isn’t an option, you need experts in control systems integration on your side. Our experience and capabilities provide our clients with the tools to mitigate risk, maintain reliability, and effectively manage critical infrastructure.