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Delivering a 1.5 Year ROI on a $2M Line Automation Recontrol

A larger steel service center client was seeing troubling trends in its temper mill cut to length line: Increasing downtime, lower-than-desired yields, and higher scrap losses.  The client was hampered in its ability to troubleshoot and improve the processes because the OEM equipment and its controls and drives programs were a “black box” solution. This … Continued

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E Tech Group Employees Earn PI Certification

Congratulations to our Principal Engineer, Matt Martin, and Senior Project Manager, Tony O’Deay on earning their PI System Infrastructure Specialist Certifications.To complete the PI System Infrastructure Specialist certification an individual must have one year of experience configuring the PI system, complete a set of training modules, and pass a 50-question final exam.  The certifications show our … Continued

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