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Industrial Networking and Digital Transformation

The field of networking is undergoing a massive transformation as more artificial intelligence-based tools make their way into products and services. Traditional enterprise networks are immediately poised to benefit and grow as more tasks that used to require costly networking expertise are automated.

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Video Game Development Tools Meet Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Resulting in Digital Twin Innovation

Author contributor: Advanced Software Group Engineering Manager, Cole Switzer When a prominent manufacturer wanted to observe and interact remotely with their production line in real-time, E Tech Group software developers brought their 3D game development expertise to deliver an innovative digital twin of the line. The twin mimics the behavior of its real-life counterpart in real time, visible in a 3D environment via web interface. Following its initial success, E Tech Group engineers broadened the tool’s scope to be fully configurable and controls system agnostic. They have plans to further expand upon the digital twin’s capabilities Creative Tools are Born of Full OT Network Connectivity As the manufacturing industry continues to move towards digitalization and Industry 4.0 physical systems and digital technologies are converging, resulting in highly creative tools that facilitate and optimize all parts of the production process. Obtaining full OT network connectivity is foundational to the future of large-scale manufacturing, as it opens the door to a variety of data-driven tools. One such tool that’s gaining traction for a variety of use-cases are virtual representations of a physical system, popularly called ‘digital twins.’ This article discusses the development of digital twins and reviews some of the creative ways they can be used for monitoring production, troubleshooting and process optimization. What is a Digital Twin? A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world system. In the context of automation in manufacturing, the ‘twin’ that is created can range in size and scale from a singular piece of equipment, all the way to a full production line, or even multiple production lines. As a virtual counterpart, a most basic digital twin is set up to visualize the behavior of the physical system it represents in real time – a virtual display. Created by collecting data from sensors and … Continued

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E Tech Group Engineering Manager Presenting in a Plant Engineering Upcoming Webcast

E Tech Group Engineering Manager, Steve Scheffler is co-presenting a Plant Engineering Webcast on Tuesday, April 23rd. The webcast called: Motors and Drives: Are you advancing automation efficiencies with smarter components, systems? The presentation will discuss how a more efficient motor in automation applications can help advance efficiency goals. A smarter variable frequency drive (VFD) also can add efficiency to automated implementations. Motion-control designs can help reduce friction. Don’t overlook overall system-level design for motion-control efficiencies that can advance energy savings, sustainability efforts, maintenance and realize other benefits.

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