Returns Roll Coater Paint Line to Maximum Profitability

Our engineers expanded line capabilities and upgraded to state-of-the-art Siemans digital drive systems to support a leading steel company.


A leading steel company hired E Tech Group to expand their line’s capabilities to begin production of light gage steel, and increase throughput on existing operations by upgrading an existing roll coater paint line to return it to the OEM specs of 1600 fpm.


To accomplish this, E Tech conducted an equipment audit and determined the failure rate and root causes, and conducted a tension study to determine the equipment’s limitations. This data was then used to improve the tension control on the line by monitoring tower operations and load cell closed loop tension regulators, then tuning them accordingly. Our engineers also analyzed cable conduit versus using remote I/O, performed a safety study and implemented the study’s recommendations, and performed startup and commissioning services of the plant.


This successful project installed a state-of-the-art Siemens digital drive system with new PLC, operator stations, and HMI. The result was a 33% increase in line speed; the line was returned to the maximum OEM-spec speed of 1600 fpm from 1200 fpm prior to the upgrade. Another result of the upgrade was a 50% reduction in electrical downtime. With the hardware and software installation complete, E Tech Group expanded the line’s capabilities to include the production of light gage steel.