Supporting a Water Well Expansion with PLC/HMI Upgrades

A growing environmental client was facing efficiency, accessibility and scalability issues with their legacy PLCs and HMIs. E Tech Group successfully advised and implemented an advanced control system to apply across all their sites.

The Project: Transform Dated System Liabilities into Modern Automation Assets

An environmental management company was facing challenges due to their outdated automation systems, which was negatively affecting productivity and efficiency. They operated 11 water well sites across five miles, and their legacy PLCs and HMIs lagged in communication, usability and efficiency. Additionally, maintenance costs on their aging systems were quickly piling up.

Facing the addition of another water well to their system, they contacted E Tech Group to design and deploy a modern solution, which included upgrading their controls and installing an additional water well to expand their operations.

The Solution: Mitigate Risks Through Modernization

E Tech Group helped the client modernize their hardware, including PLCs, HMIs and radio controls. They partnered with Applied Technology Group to implement a modern Ethernet communications protocol in two phases.

E Tech Group’s automation team upgraded 13 legacy SLC controllers and Panel Views for newer CompactLogix controllers and Panel View 7 Plus terminals. They also integrated Inductive Automation’s Ignition Perspective SCADA system to provide an operation and management overview.

The team upgraded the customer’s networking communications and decommissioned the legacy PLC to run the water wells exclusively on the upgraded system. The team also resolved challenges with the client’s remote water wells by implementing a store-and-forward capability. Finally, they installed and commissioned the new water well.

The Results: Immediate Improvements with Future Potential

E Tech Group and Applied Technology Group helped this environmental management company upgrade their hardware and implement a modern Ethernet communication protocol in two phases. They upgraded legacy controllers and panel views, integrated Ignition Perspective SCADA system, upgraded networking communications and resolved challenges with remote water wells. They also installed and commissioned a new water well. These solutions allowed our client to avoid challenges and threats posed by the previous outdated system and effectively meet their growing demands.