E-Volve Systems Joins the E Tech Group

We’re excited to announce that last week, E-Volve Systems was acquired by E Tech Group, one of the largest and fastest growing system integrators in the United States. Effective February 23, E-Volve is operating under the name “E-Volve Systems an E Tech Group Company.”

Why did we join E Tech Group?

By joining E Tech Group, we continue to expand our services and provide better value to you. You’re getting a larger, team with diverse expertise! E Tech Group has locations and resources located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. In addition to deep expertise in Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods and Food & Beverage, E Tech offers a full suite of engineering and system integration services, from continuous and batch processes to discrete manufacturing, to operations and management, cybersecurity and industrial IT.

Have questions?

We created a helpful document to answer questions you may have. Plus, at your convenience we would love to bring you up to speed on our additional capabilities.

The future is bright!

We look forward to continuing to serve you as E-Volve an E Tech Group Company, and we can’t wait to show you what this new team can do.