E Tech Group Team Member Featured on Odd Lots Podcast

Ryan Harlan

E Tech Group Business Development Manager, Ryan Harlan was recently featured on Bloomberg’s podcast- Odd Lots. In the episode, Ryan explains how manufacturing advancements allow companies to produce additional varieties of snacks more easily.

Upgrades in manufacturing to digitization, increased uptime, and efficiencies, and the ease to run small batches have influenced and affected the production of the multitude of snack flavors and options in today’s grocery stores.

Want some Doritos? For years, you might have only been able to get one or two snack chip flavors. But right now on Amazon, you can find numerous varieties, from barbecue to nacho cheese, spicy sweet chili, or Late Night Loaded Taco. And this is really just scratching the surface. There are now dozens of flavors of Blue Diamond almonds, including blueberry, smokehouse, toasted coconut, sriracha, habanero BBQ, and wasabi and soy. So how did this happen? It turns out that some of it is a tech story. Thanks to breakthroughs in automation at both the plant and warehouse level, companies are able to create and ship more varieties than ever before. On this episode, we speak with Ryan Harlan, the director of business development at the E Tech Group, about the rapid changes in the industry over the last decade and how that turned into so many more consumer offerings.

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