E Tech Group Announces Critical Achievement of a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

E Tech Group has attained Certified Information Systems Security Professional status to help intensify and strengthen their delivery of sophisticated cybersecurity programs to protect manufacturers and industrial clients integrating OT assets and systems to front office IT systems.

West Chester, OH – E Tech Group, a leader in providing high-quality automation, control, and engineering services for industrial clients and Gold Certified Rockwell Automation Partner, announced today that they completed and earned the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) status.

CISSP certification is a globally accepted standard, that validates IT security professionals’ skills and experience in handling and executing security plans. As manufacturing and industrial companies progress with the adoption of more industry 4.0 solutions, the need to integrate IT into traditionally siloed operational technology (OT) securely is imperative. E Tech Group provides cybersecurity services with expertise in both IT and OT industrial control systems (ICS).

“This achievement aligns with our firm’s ‘beyond automation and control’ vision, and demonstrates our focus on delivering sophisticated yet practical solutions to clients,” said Nick Hasselbeck, Vice President of Cybersecurity at E Tech Group. “This accomplishment not only elevates E Tech Group’s professional profile, and strengthens our team’s ability to provide nuanced sophisticated security solutions to our clients.”

CISSP professionals have proven they are able to effectively design, implement, and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program. To earn this certification, a professional must possess five or more years of work experience, pass a written exam, maintain good standing within the cybersecurity industry, hold membership with ISC2, and commit to adhering to the ISC2 Code of Ethics and privacy policy.

“Earning this certification brings a new level of expertise and authority to showcase our cybersecurity and networking capabilities,” said Kevin Romer, Solutions Architect at E Tech Group. “We see a high demand for cybersecurity professionals that understand the OT side and are excited to keep growing this aspect of our business.”

E Tech Group provides services to help clients secure and protect their IT and OT networks from cybersecurity threats. The company offers IT/OT risk assessment and analysis which include an inventory of a facility’s control systems and IT infrastructure. The analysis identifies weak points in the controls system(s), hardware and software, the viability of existing equipment, and sources of security risk.